EPISODE 80: ALL 80’s


We’re back again, kinda. Unfortunately, our live recording got corrupted and failed to export but we figured the set was too good to let pass. So we decided to upload the set with some limited commentary from Alec. All the tunes are from the 80’s since it’s our 80th episode.


  1. Turn It On Again – Genesis
  2. Second Nature – Rush
  3. Heat of the Moment – Asia
  4. Demolition Man – The Police
  5. Romeo Delight – Van Halen
  6. Leave It – Yes
  7. Separate Ways – Journey
  8. Learning to Fly – Pink Floyd
  9. Patience – Guns N’ Roses
  10. Ytse Jam – Dream Theater

1 thought on “EPISODE 80: ALL 80’s

  1. Finally caught up! Missed last 3 because I was at my cottage and the internet there sucks and is so slow LOL! Nice to hear ur sweet voices and all this proggy goodness ;-)Correction: Duke was released in 1980! 😛 1983 is when they released their self-titled album with ‘That’s All’

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