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Ravens Podcast Teaser


Alec, Peter, and Chris are back with a new show, but this time about the Baltimore Ravens. We’re still working on a name, artwork, and site but wanted to release a teaser with our pre-draft predictions as well as discuss the recently released 2019 schedule.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the show and we’ll take any suggestions! Enjoy!

Oh, and here is the Lamar Time image Alec was talking about.



We had an awesome time doing the show this time. Listen in for Proggy Goodness and discussions about Alec’s work feelings and top life moment, formation of a band, and general laughter.


  1. One Of A Kind: Part One and Two – Bill Bruford
  2. Beyond The Seventh Galaxy – Return To Forever
  3. Surf City – Crack The Sky
  4. Feed the Horses – Thank You Scientist
  5. You Should Know – Leo & Cygnus
  6. No World for Tomorrow – Cohered and Cambria
  7. The Anarchist – Rush
  8. Kashmir – Led Zeppelin
  9. Starship Trooper – Yes
  10. Mission – Rush
  11. Scarred – Dream Theater
  12. Cosmic Symphony – Flying Colors
  13. We Will Rock You – Queen
  14. Christmas Eve / Sarajevo 12/24

Show Notes

Live version of Vulcan Worlds

Hectic Red

Hectic Red did a killer job opening for Crack The Sky. Gotta love front row!

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Crack The Sky

Crack The Sky knew how to convert 4 minute songs into 15 minute jams. And I didn't mind one bit.

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(Note at 4:45 you can see Alec and his parents in the far right of the image next to the tie dye shirt!)

Leo & Cygnus’s BandCamp

Beach Boys version of Surf City

So many removed soundclips because of us watching clips like this 

Permanent Waves Podcast